Termite Bonds Are An Economical Solution to Termites


Spring ushers in new life, and with it, an uptick in insect activity. It’s a natural part of the ecosystem’s rhythm – and that includes termites. Hidden from sight but potentially costly, these pests may find their way into your home sooner or later. In fact, should you reside in your home over the years, you might encounter them multiple times.

The Cost of Termites on Homes

Considering there are an estimated 23 termite colonies per acre, according to the NC Department of Agriculture, the risk of these wood-consuming insects invading our homes is significant. This could explain why termites are responsible for over $5 billion in property damage annually, surpassing the combined destruction caused by fires, floods, and other natural catastrophes.
An Economical and Effective Solution for Homeowners: A Termite Bond
Many homeowners who’ve crossed paths with termites in the may hold a termite bond – an assurance not widely understood by those fortunate enough to have avoided past infestations. The out-of-pocket cost for conventional liquid treatments for termites may reach upward of $1,500. However, a more wallet-friendly solution exists – the termite bond.
A termite bond includes a yearly inspection, similar to the one at your home purchase, that’s designed minimalistic in nature; it’s visual, involves probing, and covers both the interior and exterior of your dwelling. The inspection focuses on detecting any signs of termite presence.
Should termites appear during this annual check-up, or if discovered at any point throughout the year, treatment is provided.
Termite Bonds: With or Without Damage Coverage
It is often best to select the bond without the damage inclusion because of the cost. Damage-based bonds come with a pre-agreed upon coverage level and necessitate a deductible, which could exceed the actual damages if termites are caught early. On the contrary, non-damage bonds eliminate such deductibles and unexpected fees as you simply make an annual payment, making the overall investment less than $350 per year with treatments provided at no additional expense under most termite bonds.
Foremost Pest & Wildlife Conventional Liquid Termite Treatments
At Foremost Pest & Wildlife, we trust Termidor HE (https://www.termidorhome.com/abouttermidor/whytermidor.html) to provide the best, longest lasting results.   Termidor has been in use since 2000 with over 8 million homes treated worldwide to date.
Why risk catching termite issues after significant damage has already hit your home? Instead, safeguard your home by protecting it from termite damage. Call Foremost Pest & Wildlife at 704-698-5962 or drop us your contact information at info@foremostpest.com and we’d be happy to answer your questions.