Josh Handy


Josh Handy has been in the Pest and Wildlife Control industry for over two decades and take great pride in building lasting relationships with my clients.   I am NC/SC Licensed in Pest Control, NC Accredited Termite Inspector and a NC Wildlife Damage Control Agent.  Also, he has completed Official BASF Online Training Program for Termidor, Perimeter Plus and Termidor HE. In addition, he is a Crawlspace Moisture Control Specialist. He provides Pest Control in the greater Charlotte area, including Waxhaw, as well as providing Wildlife Control in Waxhaw. He also provides Pest Control in Charlotte, as well. Contact Josh for your pest control needs.

My Approach

Why Me?

Hello there. I am Josh Handy. My service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify problems and provide viable solutions. In many cases I am able to provide a variety of options as I am able to step back and see the ``bigger picture``. Over the last 20 years I have proven to many that I am capable of thinking outside the box in order to help find solutions for my clients homes and businesses. I do not always have the answers but I have a network of great professionals to help both you and I when the need arises. Call me, Josh Handy, today. I look forward to hearing from you. I am very happily located and serve the greater Charlotte area. Preventive pest control is an essential part of overall home maintenance. Repairing damage done to your home by colonies and swarms of insects can be much more costly than keeping them out of your home in the first place. Taking simple preventive steps now can safeguard your home from the high cost of insect damage.

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