brown rat sitting on the ground

If you are experiencing issues with mice or rats I am here to help.  During the changing of seasons rodents like other pests move into our homes primarily for safety.   They may also move into homes for food if it becomes scarce in nature.

In many cases rodents have not only caused some type of damage but they also pose a health risk as they are carriers of disease and are incontinent, leaving drops of urine everywhere they go.

Both rats and mice need very small openings in order to gain access to your home.  Once inside your home they will follow plumbing, electrical and architectural guidelines as they explore.  Once inside your home they may nest in both the attic and crawlspace insulation as well as kitchen appliances, closets, dressers and cabinets and garages.  It is very important to keep all seeds

It is virtually impossible to close of all openings that mice may enter therefore exclusion practices for mice are offered however it is not guaranteed that you will never have another mouse in your home.  That is where pest control maintenance comes in.  If you are on a scheduled service plan, rodents will be trapped on an as needed basis as part of that service.


Services offered include:

  • Trapping (glue boards, snap traps)
  • Baiting (requires purchase of rodent stations)
  • Decontamination

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