Eastern Gray Squirrel

The most common nuisance wildlife problem we encounter in our homes is the eastern gray squirrel.   

This squirrel only needs an opening about the size of a baseball to gain entry into your homes attic or soffit.  They are in the rodent family therefore they are great gnawers and can gnaw their way into your home if they wish. 

Most often if you have squirrels getting into your home, it is for shelter, birthing or  

nesting.  Gray squirrels rarely enter your home for feeding. 

Each home has similarities but exclusion may be different from home to home based upon construction.   

Our process is referred to as positive set trapping.  This process consist of us setting a tube trap directly by the entry point and screening it off on one end so the only way in or out of your home is by going through the trap.  It is important that the problem squirrels be eliminated rather than relocated.  Nearly ¾ of wild animals that are relocated die soon thereafter.  This is in part from stress, starvation, dehydration and aggression from resident wildlife.  Relocating a problem animal also potentially become a problem for another homeowner.  There is also a potential risk of injury to the damage control agent and the transfer of disease. 

Per NC laws, They can only be relocated to private property with landowner permission. 

Our trapping process is generally a 10-12 day process.  Our traps are outfitted with remote sensors that send us both a text and email upon the sensor being triggered. 

Upon the conclusion of trapping the entry point is secured with either galvanized steel or hardware cloth depending on the location.  In some cases you may only need to secure a couple of areas, while in other circumstances major work may be required. 

Each of our damage control agents have received their certifications through the NC Dept. of Natural Resources and each year complete required continuing education.